The Animal Rescue Network's goal is to find a loving home for each of the animals in our care, including our 250 shelter cats. To adopt a cat from us, you have two choices :

  • To adopt a shelter cat, contact the adoptions coordinator and make an appointment to visit our shelter (located in Rosemont, Montreal). Contacting us to set up an appointment :
Fill out an adoption form and/or contact us via email at

The adoptions coordinator will get back to you as soon as possible and make an appointment for you to visit our shelter cats.

  • Come to meet your new companion at one of our adoption clinics! These provide the opportunity to meet fostered cats and kittens not yet on our website. Please complete an application form or email us if you wish to see a specific cat at one of our clinics.

Thanks to the generous support offered by the pet food and accessories suppliers, the Animal Rescue Network can hold adoption days every weekend of the year. For more information concerning our adoption days, please visit our events section .

  • Kittens
All kittens aged under 6 months are in foster homes, as are some adult cats. They can be brought to adoption clinics or, depending on the foster parent's availability, met through private appointments.

Why should I adopt ?

  • By adopting an animal through a shelter, you are making an important contribution to society; you will feel the satisfaction of having done a truly good deed, more than you would if you were to buy your pet in a store. You will also have the satisfaction of providing a good and loving home for an abandoned pet, that deserves a chance to live comfortably.
  • You are giving an animal a second chance. Seeing your pet open up and embrace its new chance for happiness in your home will provide you with immense joy and satisfaction.
  • By adopting an adult dog or cat, you can often avoid the training stage. Most dogs that are more than one year old know how to keep themselves clean and know how to sit on command. Most cats know instinctively as soon as they're about a month old.
Many people want to adopt kittens or puppies; however, think about a beautiful adult pet, not digging in your plants, not chewing the electrical cords, not biting on your toes while you're sleeping…
  • Adopting a pet is much more affordable than purchasing one in a pet store. On average, an adopted cat that is sterilized and vaccinated costs $ 170 or $ 180 for kitten, compared with the $ 250 to $ 350 it costs to purchase, sterilize and vaccinate a store-bought pet.
That said, cost efficiency should never be one's main motivation for adopting a pet, and the daily costs of pet ownership (food, veterinary visits, grooming, etc.) should be kept in mind when making your decision.
  • We have an adoption fee of $ 170 for cats and $ 180 for kittens, which includes vaccination and sterilization, assistance and insurance for the 6 first weeks.
This adoption fee is set in order for the ARN to be able to pay for vet costs, food and litter, as we function only on a volunteer and donation basis.

You can submit an application for one of our animals through the adoption form.

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